The Enigma of Sacrifice

  If you are passionate about chess, you know that the metaphors for life are endless. However, it is at its core a game of war. Strategy, planning, dynamics, and tactics; these all lend themselves to comparisons for life itself, but it wasn’t until the Queen was introduced to the game that Sacrifice took such […]


A Study On Exclusion

A study was conducted at Berkley about the effects of exclusion. Twenty-One people were selected for a training in a new laser tag type competition and they were going to test out the game in teams of 4 after a brief training video and a hands on instructional with the guns and sensors. Gauging the […]


The Final Debate

  The Final Debate Dad punched mom at the dinner table and we had to sit there in the middle of them screaming their skeletons at one another and demanding that we come live with them away from Him; away from Your Mother. For the next 19 days we’ll have to go to school and […]

Ballot Box

Vote No Confidence

  When the democracy dust has settled on the 2016 Election for President of the United States, one of the winners will be a person who has negative favorability ratings with over 60% of the country. The two-party system has become a monopoly on democracy, a living oxymoron, double-speak. Like most of the Nation I […]

On Burning Heretics

“When religious sects went mad He thought in light of all his learning. That if a man’s beliefs were bad They would not be made better by burning.” – The Vicar   The children of the enlightenment and most of Western Civilization have grown out of the practice of burning people whose beliefs are deemed […]

Concerning Our Unwanted Children

[Explicit Content] Ben Ferguson said that Donald Trump is in fact pro-choice, because in the span of three days during the primary election he basically chose five different positions on abortion. He went from saying that women who get an abortion should be punished, to an hour later saying no, in fact, it’s the doctors […]

Concerning Social Media

There is a revolution in American culture; a social media movement. It’s now common for someone’s social media posts to be used as ‘News.’ Over the past year there have been many stories of people being fired or resigning after backlash of something that they’ve said or even re-tweeted on social media. I want to […]

A Matter of Worldview

Game Theory, Artificial Intelligence and the Idea of Information, any and all theoretical exploratory physics and engineering concepts, when these ways of being are applied to social situations they are simply tools, plug-ins if you will. However, the match that strikes the flame; igniting action from thought, the GUI: (pronounced ‘goo-ey’) Graphic User Interface which […]

Concerning Prejudice

Philip went down to the river to visit the Sons of Zebedee. Peter and Andrew were brothers who worked in their father’s fishing industry. But, that day was not a typical day. There was a stranger on the beach with Philip. The two brothers were out in the boat, working the nets, but they were […]